Every year, thousands of Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries that can impact the rest of their lives. If you are fortunate enough to survive a serious brain injury, the prolonged symptoms can range from severe headaches to loss of motor functions. Tragically, many brain injuries ultimately prove to be fatal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traumatic brain injuries contribute to approximately 30% of all injury deaths in the United States. Throughout 2013 alone, 50,000 Americans died after suffering brain injuries. If a member of your family suffers a traumatic brain injury, you should seek out legal counsel immediately in order to ensure that their rights and ability to hold wrongdoers accountable are properly protected.

The Symptoms of a Head Injury

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the injury and the person injured. The most common brain injury is a concussion. Minor brain trauma can come with symptoms ranging from headaches to sensitivity to light to difficulty concentrating. In the event of a severe brain injury, the implications of the injury can be even more life-changing. After suffering a severe injury to the brain, many people experience memory loss, problems with hearing and vision, taste and smell loss, and issues of balance. Victims of traumatic brain injuries can also experience major changes in their personality, and severe anxiety and depression as well.

The science of head injuries has changed drastically over the past several years. Recent studies have shown that even mild head injuries can cause severe symptoms that will not necessarily resolve. Whether the head injury is a concussion or results in brain bleeds, the injury can have lasting effects and result in symptoms that will impact the rest of the person’s life. Studies now show that failing to obtain the appropriate medical care from a team of brain injury specialists right away can have detrimental impact on a person’s ability to recover. These studies show that an interdisciplinary team of specialists, including neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, neuropsychologists, pain management doctors, and speech therapists can play a significant role in your loved one making a good recovery. As a result, do not delay in seeking and obtaining this type of treatment and care after a head injury.

Top Causes of Brain Injuries

At Pullano & Siporin, we represent numerous people that have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another individual or corporation. There are numerous mechanisms that can cause brain injuries. According to the CDC, approximately 47% of all brain injuries in 2013 occurred after the victim suffered a fall. A large percentage of fall victims are either young children or elderly people. If a member of your family suffers a slip and fall injury while shopping at an establishment, you may be entitled to substantial injury compensation.

Motor vehicle collisions are the third leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, and they make up an estimated 14% of all documented brain injuries in the United States. In these collisions, the person does not even need to strike their head in order for the brain to be injured. The sudden acceleration and deceleration of the head will cause the brain to slam against the inside of the person’s skull. The person can suffer a coup-contrecoup injury to the brain when this occurs. Whether the vehicle is a total loss, or the damage is less significant, the brain can still be injured. As a result, it is important to contact attorneys that have significant experience in successfully proving what damage the incident caused to the brain, how it is impacting the quality of the person’s life, and what medical care the person will need to help improve the quality of their life in the future.

Common Defenses in Brain Injury Cases

Brain injuries are often referred to as the “invisible injury”. This is because people can suffer brain damage that cannot be visualized on MRIs or CT scans. Even today, the technology is not sensitive enough to pick up damage caused by a traumatic event to the cells and axons in the brain. The wrongdoers may try to distort this medical fact in their effort to avoid taking responsibility for the injuries they caused.

More and more, the wrongdoers often claim that the brain injury victim is lying, faking, or malingering when there is no “objective” proof of damage seen on a scan. However, brain injury specialists have other means of providing objective evidence of brain damage when it cannot be seen on MRI. In fact, we recently represented a man that suffered a concussion while at work. The defense claimed he must be lying and exaggerating, because CT scans taken on the night of the incident showed no brain bleeds, and follow up imaging showed no structural damage. We worked with the foremost brain injury specialists in the world in order to show that these claims were untrue. We successfully obtained a $3 million jury verdict on his behalf.

We know how devastating brain injuries can be for people and their families. We also understand the impact being called a liar and faker can have on a person’s mental health as well. It can result in the person feeling victimized all over again by the same wrongdoer that caused the injury in the first place. At Pullano & Siporin, we are not okay with that. As a result, we work tirelessly in order to obtain full justice for brain injury victims.

Contact a Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer

At Pullano & Siporin, our attorneys have won millions of dollars for clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. In one case, we were able to secure an $8 million award for a man who suffered permanent brain damage after being struck by a tractor-trailer truck. The injury compensation ensured that this man’s family would not be financially devastated by the reckless actions of another party.

When a family member suffers an injury to the brain, the physical, financial, and emotional impact can be devastating. Brain trauma can impact a person’s quality of life and ability to work. Because of the implications of a serious brain injury, we are prepared to help you pursue the financial compensation your family deserves. To schedule a free initial consultation with a Cook County personal injury attorney, contact us today at 312-551-1100.


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