Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Accident Attorneys in Chicago

Every year the construction industry ranks among the most dangerous fields of work in the United States, with higher rates of workplace injuries and fatalities than the overwhelming majority of other types of jobs. In fact, injury rates in construction are over 70 percent higher than all other industries on average.  Not only do people on construction sites get injured more frequently, but the severity of the injuries are significant as well.  Injured construction workers often will need multiple surgeries, experience chronic pain, require extensive rehabilitation, have permanent limitations and be unable to return to the job they loved to do. 

Given the nature of the job, the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) promulgated safety rules designed to keep those on job sites safe. These rules are mandatory and construction work can be stopped completely for failing to comply.  When the OSHA regulations are complied with, the risk of severe injury can effectively be removed from job sites. However, contractors do not always follow these rules.  Often, these incidents are the result of general contractors and sub-contractors failing to make safety a priority and cutting corners in order to get the job done as quickly as possible.  At Pullano and Siporin, we have decades of combined legal experience in helping victims of construction accidents obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. Our highly skilled attorneys are aggressive advocates for our construction clients, and our uncompromising approach has led to numerous record-breaking case results.

There are many types of construction injuries, and we assist clients in cases such as:

  • OSHA violations
  • Falls from heights
  • Falling objects
  • Failing to maintain a clean and orderly jobsite
  • Machine or equipment injuries
  • Electricity-related injuries
  • Injuries and illnesses from noxious chemicals or gases
Construction Site

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Workers’ compensation is a benefit employees receive when injured on a jobsite, irrespective of who is at fault.  That means the injured workers employer is liable for certain benefits prescribed by law.  On the other hand, if a worker is injured by the negligent acts of someone other than his employer, then he/she can file a personal injury law suit for those injuries.  Oftentimes in construction accidents, personal injury cases are litigated at the same time as a workers compensation case is pending as a result.  

Liable parties in these types of cases may include general contracting companies, subcontractors, property owners, other construction workers and vehicle operators.

Immediately following a construction accident, you should notify your employer of the incident and injury.  Provide all important information about what occurred, who saw it, and how severe your injury is when reporting the incident.  If you are able, ask a co-worker to take photographs of the scene as well.  Your employer will then put this information into an incident report that will be transmitted to an insurance company.  An insurance company may contact you next. But it is critical to NOT speak with the insurance company until you have spoken to a lawyer that represents your interests. Insurance companies are not here to advocate for you. Insurance companies are here to minimize how much money they need to spend.  As a result, having an experienced construction injury lawyer in your corner is critical to obtaining you full justice.  Our team works closely with our construction injury clients throughout every step of the legal process, giving your case the personal attention it needs for you to achieve success.