Child and Pediatric Injuries

Chicago Attorney for Injury Cases Involving Minor Children

As parents, we place our trust and faith in businesses, schools and park districts to keep our children safe when they are under their care.  When these groups take on the responsibility for caring for another person’s child, they must maintain the best and highest standards for safety.  That includes implementing appropriate policies designed to keep children safe, training all staff on how to implement the policies and enforcing the policies when appropriate.  When those responsible for caring for children do not follow these rules and do not enforce these rules, it can have horrible consequences for children and their families.

 For parents, nothing is more heartbreaking and nerve-wracking than watching a child suffer after an injury or accident, especially when the injury is the result of another person’s negligence. When such situations arise, it is critical that you are able to place your trust in a caring, dedicated legal team that fights for your child’s rights.

At Pullano & Siporin, our attorneys understand the challenges facing the families of injured children and are fully dedicated to the pursuit of justice on their behalf. We have decades of experience in helping clients in all types of personal injury cases maximize their compensation and get what they deserve.

We work with families of children who have experienced injuries such as:

  • Brain injuries (including oxygen deprivation)
  • Birth injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Burns from fireworks or household fires
  • Ingestion of household products
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Dog bites

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A child can be injured due to the neglect of many, including gyms, adventure parks, coaches, park districts, teachers and school districts, spiritual leaders, manufacturers of dangerous products and amusement parks.  The law applicable to each of these types of incidents is different.  Working with lawyers that have experience representing children injured by these types of businesses or individuals is imperative because hiring the wrong lawyer can result in your child’s rights being unprotected. 

Many times, places require parents to sign a “waiver” in order for their child to participate in the sport, the event or play at the facility.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event, oftentimes the “waiver” form does NOT prevent you from pursuing a claim.  Businesses do not get the right to act carelessly when caring for children simply because a parent signed a one paragraph document.  If that were true, businesses could pay no attention to safety and avoid being held accountable.  If that were true, the health and safety of kids would be severely jeopardized.  As a result, there are many circumstances where a “waiver of liability” is not an automatic bar to filing a claim. This is why contacting an experienced injury attorney is so important to help navigate you through this unique type of case. 

Our team understands the devastating impact a child’s injury can have on a family. We make it our mission to earn your trust from the first moment you call. We listen to your needs and take the time to fully understand all of the details of your situation. We make obtaining maximum compensation for your child’s injuries our top priority and devote personal attention to you throughout every step of your case so we can get through the case without unnecessary delays. Ultimately, our goal is to put you and your child in the best position to succeed.

Depending on the child’s age at the time they were injured, they may not be able to explain exactly what happened, how they are feeling or what they experiencing after an injury.  This can be a challenge, but an experienced trial attorney should know how to deal with these situations.  This is where we rely on other witnesses, including pediatric orthopedic specialists and brain injury specialists, to help explain exactly what is going on.  Also, one of the primary concerns every parent has is whether their child will experience any long term or permanent effects from this injury.  While children often heal well, that is not always the case.  We take these issues into consideration as we seek to maximize your child’s compensation.