North Suburban Bar Association Announces 5th Annual High School Mock Trial Invitational

Chicago – January 18, 2018

The North Suburban Bar Association will hold its 5th Annual High School Mock Trial Invitational on Jan. 25 at the Skokie Courthouse. The field of teams has grown to 16 for this year’s competition.

NSBA President Richard Pullano is leading efforts to organize the event, which he believes is key in promoting the profession to the future generation of lawyers.

“One of the primary reasons it is so important that we get the best and brightest to join our profession is to help those in need.” Pullano said “Lawyers are the first responders to the vulnerable and defenseless in society. On many occasions, without a lawyer in their corner, there would be no path to justice. This tournament is a fun and educational way of exposing these young adults to the justice system in hopes they will pursue a career in the law in the future.”

Each team at the event will participate in two mock trials, with experienced attorneys serving as evaluators. Because of the increased number of teams, Pullano needed to enlist 8 volunteer judges and 24 volunteer evaluators.

Pullano is grateful to all of the legal professionals who are volunteering their time. Besides helping run the competition, the volunteers will give the high school students a chance to interact with and learn from people in the legal profession.

“Without the judges and attorneys who volunteer at the mock trial, this would not be possible,” Pullano said. “They know that this is extremely important to the profession and legal community.”

Chicago Attorney Richard Pullano is serving as NSBA president for 2017-18. He is in charge of the professional organization, which provides: mentoring; networking opportunities; Continuing Legal Education courses; referral services; and community outreach programs.

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