Slip and Fall on Ice or Slippery Surfaces

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Property owners are responsible for the safety of anyone using their property. Visitors have the right to expect walking surfaces will be maintained in a safe condition and not unreasonably slick.  As a result, when a business or property owner invites you on to their property, they owe you a “duty of care” to take the reasonable steps necessary to ensure that safety. When businesses disregard hazards on their property or do not take adequate steps to warn the public, significant injuries can result. 

At Pullano Siporin, our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience in premises liability cases. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients’ and subject matter experts, including architects, engineers and accident reconstructionists, in order to hold those responsible accountable, maximize our client’s compensation, and allow them to maintain a focus on their recovery.

Some examples of slip and fall cases may include:

  • Falls on unnatural accumulations of snow or ice
  • Falls due to unsafe material used on the walking surface
  • Falls on slick substances left on the ground
  • Falls on dangerously sloped floors
  • Falls caused at healthcare facilities and nursing homes
Maid Slipped On Wet Floor And Laying Down

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Multiple parties may be legally liable for unsafe walking surfaces.  When a slip and fall accident occurs due to an icy sidewalk or street, the liability for that accident could be with (a) whoever is in charge of clearing the ice or (b) the group responsible for maintaining the property in such a way to prevent ice forming in that particular location.  For example, while a business may technically be the owner of a driveway, parking lot or sidewalk, the owner might contract out snow and ice removal to a contractor.  As a result, the contractor may be liable if he did a sloppy job cleaning up the snow and ice. Also, the property maintenance company may be liable if they allowed the property condition to deteriorate over time such that it promoted the formation of icy conditions in particular spots on the property.   This is why it is important to hire experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who can investigate all parties potentially responsible and make an informed decision on who bears the majority of fault.

No.  In order for the property owner’s insurance to compensate you for medical bills, wages lost and pain and suffering, you need to prove they are legally responsible or negligent.  In order to do that in a snow or ice case, you must show the ice formed unnaturally.  In order to do that convincingly, experienced lawyers need to obtain weather data from the time period of the incident, inspect the property and obtain historical maintenance and ice remediation records from the parties.  By obtaining this information, you might be able to be compensated. However, if you do not prove all the requisite elements, the property owner’s insurance is not responsible to pay for any economic losses you have incurred.

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