Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Patients should be able to expect they will receive a reasonable standard of care from their doctors and healthcare providers. Medical professionals and facilities that fail to uphold their professional standards of care are guilty of medical malpractice or negligence. The results can be devastating to patients, who may end up having long-lasting impacts as a result of the negligence of the people they were supposed to be able to trust with their bodies.

At Pullano Siporin, our team is here to be your legal advocate when you have been injured by the actions or negligence of a doctor or medical provider. In working with our team, you will receive the personal attention of a highly skilled team dedicated to protecting your rights. We are prepared to bring tenacity combined with an extraordinary work ethic to your case in the pursuit of full recovery.

Examples of medical practice may include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Birth injuries
  • Surgical errors
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Successful recovery in a medical malpractice case hinges on the attorney’s ability to prove four separate elements:

  1. The medical professional owed you a duty of care
  2. He or she breached that duty by failing to meet the appropriate standard of care
  3. You sustained injury and/or damages
  4. Your injury and/or damages were directly or proximately caused by the medical professional’s actions or negligence

Without all four of these elements a malpractice case cannot succeed.

Your legal team will review medical records, speak with hospital staff, and retain expert consultants in an effort to conclusively demonstrate the care you received was substandard and led directly to your injuries. Since these cases involve highly technical medical information, talking to doctors and experts in the field about what happened and why it happened is imperative.

While medical malpractice cases are some of the most difficult to win, the Pullano Siporin team has never lost a case they pursued against a doctor or hospital.  That is because these types of cases require significant personal attention and skill to not only recover, but in order to maximize the result as well.  We select our cases judiciously, which allows us to offer a high degree of caring, and retain the foremost doctors and specialists in the country to discuss exactly what happened to the person, why it happened and whether a health care professional failed to comply with the standard of care contributed to the injury.  This, combined with our track record for success in personal injury cases, makes us an ideal choice for victims of malpractice and medical negligence.