Bed Sores

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Pressure ulcers, often known as bed sores, are among the most recognizable signs of nursing home neglect in elderly patients. While bed sores may occur in a variety of other settings, such as hospitals or inpatient recovery centers, they are most often associated with negligent care in nursing homes.

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Bed sores are easily preventable with proper standards of care. Caregivers in any facility where bed sores could be a problem must do the following:

  • Continually monitor the patient
  • Regularly reposition patients with restricted mobility
  • Employ the use of pressure-reducing mattresses, pillows, pads and other tools
  • Attend to the needs of incontinent patients to ensure sanitary conditions
  • Apply medications and change bandages within accepted timeframes

A bed sore typically begins as a seemingly minor irritation on the skin over the affected area. It is often painful to the touch, but the skin is not yet broken. If left untreated, however, the sore may progress to an open wound, continue to deepen and become more painful. Eventually, the worst bed sores may expose fat, muscles, and bones, while tissue around the sore begins to necrotize. Sores in the latter stages are extremely dangerous and are considered life-threatening.

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