Improper Fall Prevention

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One of the most common ways elderly residents of nursing homes sustain injuries is by falling on the premises. Most of the time these falls are preventable, but despite that they remain the leading cause of injuries in seniors who live in such facilities. Due to the frail nature of many nursing home residents, these elderly adults are significantly more likely to die of fall-related injuries in nursing homes than if they live at home.

But it’s not just the frail nature of the residents that causes this danger–it’s also due to widespread issues with nursing homes failing to perform follow-up investigations and care. At Pullano Siporin, we have decades of combined legal experience in the area of nursing home negligence, and understand the steps necessary to hold negligent nursing homes accountable for their failure to keep their residents safe.

Some of the most common causes of falls in nursing homes include:

  • Lack of supervision of elderly or demented patients
  • Understaffing
  • Improper training of staff at how to identify fall risks
  • Lack of handrails in bathrooms and other areas
  • Lack of bedrails on beds
  • Failure to provide medical tools and devices
  • Insufficient maintenance of facilities.
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Nursing homes should make it a priority to develop and implement a fall prevention program. Studies have shown such programs significantly reduce the risk of falls and the number of severe injuries that result from them. Interventions can include proper assessment of residents to address risk factors, implementation of appropriate equipment and modifications (grab bars, raised toilet seats, lower beds, handrails) and proper maintenance of facilities.

The fall itself can be bad, but often it can result in complications that are even worse. Falls can cause immobility that results in muscle loss, bed sores, infection and even death.  Falls can also cause brain bleeds because elderly patients are often on blood thinners.  A fall that appears insignificant can actually be life threatening to that particular individual. 

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