Product liability

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured by defective products. Unsuspecting consumers can have their lives changed in mere seconds when a product fails to work properly or causes serious injury due to its design or manufacture.

With an unwavering commitment to the victims of dangerous and defective products, the attorneys at Pullano & Siporin have helped our clients in the pursuit of full justice and maximum compensation. We have decades of experience in relentlessly protecting the rights of injured victims, and care about advocating for them in and out of the courtroom to get them the maximum compensation in their case.

We are proud to fight for clients pursuing full justice for any type of product liability case, including:

  • Defective drugs and medical products
  • Dangerous toys causing injuries to children
  • Contaminated food products
  • Faulty automotive parts, including airbags, tires and ignition systems
  • Unsafe electrical products, including home appliances
  • Many other injuries due to defective products

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Yes, some products are inherently dangerous based on their design and way they were manufactured.  One type of product liability case is geared toward products with a defective or dangerous design. This means the design of the product, without any other factors, was inherently dangerous or defective. However, when being used in accordance with design specifications, the product will be dangerous to the consumer despite being properly manufactured. In such a case, the designer of the product would be liable for resulting injuries, and not necessarily the manufacturer (if they are different entities).

Defective manufacturing occurs when there is some sort of error or negligence in the manufacturing process that results in design specifications not being met. Defective manufacturing could be a result of subpar quality standards, machine malfunctions or factory contamination.

A failure to provide warning or instruction is another common type of product liability. Failure to warn cases arise frequently in situations where products are used in a manner that the manufacturer knows will cause harm but the consumer does not.  That unequal level of knowledge is why liability attaches.  In those incidents, the injury could have been prevented with appropriate instructions or warnings from the manufacturer.