Sexual Assault

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At Pullano Siporin, we recognize that victims of sexual assault and abuse have already suffered a great deal. The humiliation and pain can remain with a victim of such atrocities for a lifetime. If you have been the victim of sexual abuse or assault, you have the right to seek full justice for your physical and emotional innjuries.

Our team has extensive experience in prosecuting sexual assault cases and understands the unique challenges facing victims. Our attorneys care about helping you maximize your compensation and holding those responsible for your suffering accountable for their actions.

We have handled a wide range of sexual assault and abuse cases, including cases involving defendants such as:

  • Family members
  • Priests
  • Scout leaders
  • Coaches
  • Educators
  • Coworkers
Sexual abuse at office. Male boss putting his hands on female employee's shoulders, young woman

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For many sexual assault and sexual abuse victims, justice is never served or even pursued in criminal court. Some are hesitant to report the crime due to embarrassment or a misplaced sense of loyalty to the perpetrator. Others may feel unable to withstand the scrutiny of a criminal investigation and trial. For those that do seek justice in the criminal system, the process may not be enough to provide for full justice for their emotional and physical injuries. Whether or not your case is prosecuted in the criminal courts, you have a separate and distinct right to seek compensation for your injuries in the civil courts.

Yes. Criminal cases are meant to hold the perpetrator criminally accountable and to punish them for their actions. Civil cases are meant to make the victim “whole” in the form of compensation. Civil cases often follow or accompany criminal cases in this field.

At our firm, your case remains a priority from the moment you call through the final verdict or settlement. We carefully select each case so that we invest the necessary time and focus on a complete and thorough investigation. Our team is equipped to review every sensitive detail, while maintaining a commitment to confidentiality and trust. With a systematic and comprehensive approach, we will look to fully understand the injuries you have suffered and the damages that you are entitled to collect. We will help you seek recovery, not only from your abuser or attacker, but from any party whose actions or negligence may have contributed to your victimization.