Spinal cord injury

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Trauma to the spinal cord can result permanently or severely impact a person’s ability to walk and care for themselves.   iFor some people, their lives may be forever changed as they must navigate issues such as adaptive equipment, extensive rehabilitation and supervised care.  The emotioanl trauma that spinal cord injury victims and their families suffer due to this life altering injury can be devastating.  As a result, you need a spinal cord injury lawyer that will advocate for you with empathy, respect and tenacity. 

At Pullano & Siporin, we realize life after a spinal cord injury can be very difficult and hiring the right law firm for you and your family in the wake of such a devastating injury is an important decision.  It  our mission to not only earn your trust, but to exceed your expectations when it comes to communicating with the lawyers that you hired.  By doing so, you can focus on your recovery and we are armed with the information necessary to tell insurance companies, defense attorneys and jurors just how devastating your spinal cord injury truly is.  With decades of combined experience in personal injury law and a track record for record-breaking victories, our team fights relentlesslyto help you and your family recover from the after-effects of a serious spinal cord injury. y.

Some common causes of spinal injuries include:

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Construction site and workplace accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents

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This is a common fear people with spinal cord injuries have because people with these injuries often do not recover and need extensive.  As part of your case, we hire experts to discuss what the future holds for you in terms of your injuries, what medical care and assistance you will need in the future, including at home, and how much that medical care costs.  By doing so, we can secure a settlement that factors in the cost of getting you help at home as you and your spouse get older.

The answer to this question is not necessarily.  When someone suffers a spinal cord injury, they might not be able to go to the bathroom on their own and need teh assistance of catheters.  These devices can cause infections to develop if not cared for properly.  These infections can cause life threatening illnesses. However, when you get the proper care, many people that suffer spinal cord injuries do not have a diminished life expectancy.  As a result, we fight to get you all of the care you need in order to prevent these medical complications from occurring and allow you to live the rest of your life the best way possible.

Beyond our experience and our willingness to be a strong advocate for our clients, we also care about giving each of our clients the close personal attention their case deserves. People that suffer spinal cord injuries are often lonely as they are at home during the day without their loved ones.  As your advocates, we take the time to listen to how you are feeling and to how you are coping with this devastating injury.  By doing so, you can have piece of mind that you hired the right law firm and, in turn, we can go advocate on your behalf and get you compensated for everything you are experiencing.