Pullano Law Obtains $8 Million Settlement in Cook County Brain Injury Case Against a Trucking Company

Chicago – March 20, 2019

Richard Pullano and Mathew Siporin from Pullano & Siporin obtained a significant settlement on behalf of a man who suffered permanent and debilitating injuries when a semi-tractor trailer t-boned the driver side door of his SUV. While the accident occurred in Lake County, Pullano & Siporin successfully pursued the case in Cook County for their clients.

The man was driving to work when without warning a truck broadsided his vehicle and pinned him inside his SUV. He was initially diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and pelvic fractures that were treated non-operatively. Despite not needing any orthopedic surgeries, the man was left with permanent cognitive and neurologic impairments, including drop foot and chronic pain.

“The settlement will provide our client the financial security he desperately needs to ensure that he will receive high-quality medical care for the rest of his life,” Pullano said of the settlement. “He has always felt terrible that his injuries placed a tremendous burden on his wife and family. This settlement will not only help relieve some of that stress, but it will also allow them to focus on getting their lives back together. He is a fighter and we are honored that we were able to ensure that he will be in the best position to continue his fight to recover.”

The case resolved in 2019 shortly before it was scheduled to be tried before a jury. The parties were actively preparing for trial and had taken multiple evidence depositions at the time the case settled.

Pullano & Siporin concentrates their practice on helping victims of personal injury. This includes cases involving, but not limited to severe car accidents, trucking liability, traumatic brain injury, aviation liability, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, bed sores, construction negligence, and product liability. To schedule an initial consultation, call Pullano & Siporin at 312-551-1100 or contact us online at https://www.pullanolaw.com .

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