Turning the Page to a New Chapter—and a New Name

Since our firm was founded nearly a quarter-century ago, we’ve been known as the Pullano Law Offices—named after our founder, Rick Pullano, an “alumnus” of both the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the firm of top-tier plaintiff’s attorney Robert Clifford.


But in the years since Mat Siporin joined our firm straight out of law school in 2005, he’s grown from being Rick’s mentee, to his partner, to more of an equal peer. To reflect this evolution, we are excited to announce that we will be known as Pullano & Siporin, as our newly rebranded website puts on display for the world to see.


From the outset of their professional relationship, Rick had high expectations for Mat as a trial lawyer because Rick quickly saw Mat’s ironclad integrity, tireless work ethic, and empathetic attitude towards clients.  “Our clients are going through very difficult and scary times in their lives due to injuries, medical complications and the financial implications that flow from these traumatic events,” Rick said. “When I saw the level of preparation that Mat puts in for every case, the amount of reading he does to hone his trial skills, and then saw those skills put to work during multiple successful jury trials, Mat far surpassed my earlier expectations.”


Mat first became interested in plaintiff’s work out of a desire to help people, and he has known since a very young age that the being a trial lawyer was how he wanted to do so. “Whether we were volunteering at the local PADS homeless shelter that my mom ran in Libertyville, or I was watching my godmother prosecute civil rights cases for the Department of Justice as a young boy,” he says, “I was raised with the idea that we must use our privilege to help others.”


Mat stayed with the firm among other reasons because he appreciated the mentorship that Rick provided him in the early years. “When I was fortunate enough to interview with Rick Pullano as a 25-year-old young man, Rick told me that he felt like it was his ‘civic and professional responsibility’ to mentor me since he had such wonderful mentors,” he says.
“I knew right away that this was where I was supposed to be and Rick stayed true to his word ever since.” Now, Mat gets to pay it forward by mentoring Rick’s son, Michael, as he joined the firm.  


The name change to Pullano & Siporin represents the culmination of the work the pair has put in together over a period of 17 years. “What makes us unique is the team atmosphere we have created here,” says Mat. “That team mentality not only benefits each of us individually, but our clients benefit as well. And it’s a very rewarding way to practice law.”  


One theme that’s run through our firm’s work all along, which is being instilled in Michael, is the importance of sitting down at a family’s kitchen table, learning everything possible that’s relevant to the case about them, and in particular how their medical issues have affected their daily activities, careers, and relationships. Juries need to hear what our injured clients fear going into the future, and how their relationships have been impacted as a result—not just the medical details.  As a result, this theme is detailed throughout our new website.  


This is where Mat’s empathetic attitude has shined—and that’s a big reason his name is now on our door. Mat develops close relationships with clients and their families. He wants to feel what they’re going through. He takes it personally. He listens. He is constantly seeking to better understand the changes in our client before and after their injury. We all do. This is why we are able tell the stories of our clients lives’ and injuries so vividly for juries, insurance adjusters and defense lawyers. That’s what makes us Pullano & Siporin.


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