Attorney Richard Pullano secured a $14 million settlement for a Lynwood, Illinois resident for injuries he sustained in a multi-car accident caused by a local tow truck company.

Jerry Powers was a passenger in a van driven by a co-worker when they were rear-ended by a tow truck near the 63rd Street exit of the Dan Ryan Expressway. It was alleged that the truck driver, who was operating an 18,000 pound tow truck while towing two vehicles, caused the accident by trying to rapidly change lanes when traffic had slowed to a stop.

Upon investigation, it was further alleged that the driver had a history of significant traffic violations that his employer had failed to check or simply chose to ignore. Violations included excessive speeding, driving on a suspended license, and driving under the influence. Prior to the accident, the truck driver’s license had been suspended five times.

“It is incomprehensible how any commercial carrier could allow this person to drive a tow truck,” said Richard Pullano, lead attorney on the case. “His driving record alone was sufficient to keep him off the road since it demonstrated a complete disregard for the safety of others. But the fact that the employer knew that he lied about his safety record and still entrusted him with the keys made the decision even more egregious.”

The $14 million settlement is higher than any previously reported in Illinois for a plaintiff over 60 years old who was rendered a paraplegic because of an accident, according to the Jury Verdict Reporter. The case was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

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