Technology has revolutionized many aspects of modern life, but while many of the services we use provide us with benefits and conveniences, they can also bring unforeseen dangers. This is especially true for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft; while these apps can provide people with savings and simplicity, they can also put riders in a vulnerable position. When using these services, people need to understand the risks involved and be prepared to report any incidents in which their safety was threatened.

Increasing Incidents of Assault and Robbery

In the past several years, more and more incidents involving alleged robbery or sexual assault by drivers for Uber, Lyft, or other similar services have occurred. These services have received a great deal of criticism for their lack of proper screening for drivers, as well as sub-par safety practices, such as the lack of a “panic button” in the app for riders whose safety is threatened.

While Uber has claimed that their background check process for drivers is very rigorous, complaints against the company have alleged that this process puts speed ahead of safety. One of the primary issues is that Uber does not use fingerprint background checks, focusing instead on background checks which compare a person’s driver’s license and social security number with criminal databases and sex offender databases, and these background checks only include incidents from within the past seven years.

Understanding Liability

While multiple lawsuits have been filed in cases of alleged assault or robbery by Uber or Lyft drivers, one of the primary issues that any victims face is that drivers for these services are not considered employees. Uber has argued that since drivers act as independent contractors, the company is not liable for any crimes its drivers commit.

In addition to criminal liability, ridesharing passengers should be aware of their protections in the case of any car accidents. Uber uses an insurance policy that covers drivers and passengers who are involved in any accidents that occur while a driver is carrying a passenger. However, since Uber does not consider drivers to be employees, they may be able to argue that they are not liable in certain situations, such as if a driver was intoxicated.

Legal Assistance In Any Cases Involving Uber or Lyft

If you have been involved in any incidents that occurred while using a ride-sharing service, you should immediately contact an attorney. Whether you were the victim of an assault or robbery or were involved in a vehicle accident, an experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and receive the compensation you deserve. Call 312-551-1100 to schedule a free consultation with a Chicago personal injury attorney at the Pullano & Siporin.


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