Exercise and activity are incredibly beneficial for children, and playgrounds provide a great environment for them to engage in active play. As we enter the summer months, more and more children are making use of these facilities. Unfortunately, this means that many children are at risk of being injured while using playground equipment. When a child suffers an injury because of defective or dangerous playground equipment, it is important for parents to understand their options for recovering compensation from the liable party or parties.

Playground Injury Statistics

Every year, more than 200,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries which occurred on playgrounds. Falls are the most common cause of injuries, accounting for 44% of injuries. Equipment-related issues (including broken equipment, poorly-designed equipment, structures which tip over, and equipment which was not assembled or maintained correctly) account for 23% of injuries.

Broken bones are the most common type of injury, followed by scrapes and bruises, cuts, sprains, and injuries to internal organs. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a rising concern, with an average of 21,000 children being treated for playground-related concussions each year.

Playground injuries are most likely to occur on monkey bars and jungle gyms, which account for 36% of injuries. The next most dangerous types of equipment are swings (28%) and slides (21%). Injuries occur more than twice as often at playgrounds which do not provide impact-absorbing surfaces such as wood chips, sand, or rubber mats.

Injury Liability

While the safety of playground equipment has improved in recent years, the number of injuries which occur demonstrate that children are still at risk when using these facilities. When children suffer an injury, those responsible may be held liable for the damages that were suffered. Liable parties may include:

  • The designers or manufacturers of defective or dangerous equipment. Companies must meet certain safety standards when designing playground equipment, and they may be held liable if a flaw in a design or an error during the manufacturing process led equipment to become unsafe.
  • Installers who did not follow proper procedures. Equipment which was not installed properly may tip over or otherwise become unsafe, and the person or company who caused these dangerous conditions may be held liable for injuries caused by their actions.
  • Owners or operators who failed to maintain equipment. Proper maintenance procedures should be followed to ensure that playground equipment is safe, and broken equipment should be repaired or removed. The organization responsible for a playground’s upkeep, such as a school or park district, may be held liable for their failure to maintain a safe environment.

Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

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