On September 9th, 2018, a Lake County Man was fatally injured after his motorcycle crashed on the corner of 16th Avenue and Broadway. The accident reminded everyone in the greater Chicago area of the increased dangers motorcyclists face in motor vehicle collisions. In 2016 alone, 5,286 Americans died in motorcycle accidents. This marked a more than 5% increase in annual fatalities in comparison to the previous year.

As highway injuries continue to pose problems for law enforcement officials and medical personnel alike, it is important to know where to turn if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision. Finding a legal team you can trust can be paramount in protecting you and your family in the aftermath of an injury.

Motorcycle Accidents Nationwide

Tragically, motorcycle fatalities continue to rise throughout the United States. 2016 marked the highest number of motorcycle-related fatalities since 2008. The rise in fatalities can be directly linked to the increased dangers of traveling via motorcycle. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcyclists are approximately 28% more likely to suffer fatal injuries than those traveling by car. So why are motorcycles so dangerous?

Why Motorcyclists Face Increased Risk

With the number of motorcycle injuries, both fatal and non-fatal, on the rise, it is important to ask why this is happening. The answer is simple: motorcyclists face increase risk due to the limited protection their vehicles provide, the increased impact that inclement weather can have on a motorcycle, and their disproportionate size and weight compared to standard automobiles.

While motorcycles are inherently dangerous, there are a few steps you can take to enhance your safety while traveling by motorcycle. Always wear your helmet while traveling, keep your distance from other vehicles, and never drive at dangerous speeds or recklessly pass other vehicles. Every year, approximately 90,000 American motorcyclists are injured in accidents. In order to ensure your safety, it is important to practice extreme caution.

Set Up a Consultation With a Cook County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

At Pullano & Siporin, our attorneys understand just how tragic a severe injury can be for the entire family. If you or a loved one are involved in a motor vehicle accident, we can work with you to help you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve. To set up a free consultation with a Chicago personal injury attorney, contact us today at 312-551-1100.


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