When we place our elderly loved ones in an assisted living facility or nursing home, we are placing a great deal of trust in the caretakers and staff members of the facility. Tragically, a large number of assisted living facilities allow their staff to neglect and abuse their residents, either knowingly or unknowingly. In fact, approximately two million cases of elder abuse are reported each year.

Shockingly, nearly one in ten Americans over the age of 65 will experience some form of elder abuse. If you believe your elderly loved one is suffering from nursing home neglect or abuse, it is time to contact law enforcement officials, medical staff, and a legal team you can trust.

What Is Elder Abuse?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), elder abuse is defined as the intentional act of causing harm to an elderly person entrusted to one’s care. Elder abuse is not just limited to outright physical abuse, but it can also come in the form of emotional and verbal abuse, neglect of the everyday needs of the patient, and sexual misconduct.

How Common Is Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

While many people like to assume that elder abuse is incredibly rare, this notion sadly could not be further from the truth. Studies conducted by the National Center on Elder Abuse found that 50% of all dementia patients residing in nursing homes have faced some form of abuse. To further back up that evidence, nearly half of all registered nursing home attendants have admitted to abusing or neglecting elderly residents.

What Can You Do?

As a family member of an elderly person entrusted into the care of nursing home employees, you should be aware of the signs of elder abuse. If your loved one begins to show changes in behavior, or if they have physical signs of harm, such as skin abrasions or bruises, it is likely that they are suffering from elder abuse. Nursing home abuse can lead to worsening physical conditions, severe emotional trauma, and depression. Additionally, those suffering from elder abuse are more likely to take part in self-harm and even contemplate suicide.

Set Up a Free Consultation With a Cook County Elder Abuse Lawyer

At Pullano & Siporin, our team of attorneys understands just how important our elderly loved ones are to our families. If you believe that an elderly family member is suffering from nursing home abuse, we can help you understand the steps you should take to hold their abusers responsible for the damages your family has suffered. To set up a free consultation with a Chicago nursing home abuse attorney, call us today at 312-551-1100.


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