Featured: Chicago Daily Law Bulletin – Injured Worker Settles for $6M

Pullano & Siporin were featured in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in an article about their recent case victory, Injured Worker Settles for $6M. The article describes the case details where a construction worker who was injured when he fell through an opening in the floor on a construction site received a $6 million settlement. The worker said that while working on the site he stepped on a piece of plywood, which was overhanging the edge of an opening. When the plywood gave way, he fell nearly 20 feet onto gravel.

The fall resulted in multiple fractures to his right wrist, pelvis and ribs, as well as soft tissue injuries to his right shoulder. The open fracture of his right wrist required three surgeries and developed into post-traumatic arthritis.


Find the link to the article at Chicago Daily Bulletin here.

PDF of the article can also be found here: Injured worker settles for $6M – Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 5_3_2022

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